Calibrated Results is a company founded on the values of positive leadership development. The Calibrated Results team believes that all people are capable of being good leaders, but sometimes it just takes effective coaching to help uncover a person's gold in the area of leadership. Calibrated Results exists for the purpose of helping current leaders discover and achieve their greatest potential as a leader, helping leaders to find their "true North" and be in alignment with the needs of those who are being led. We are also here to help "ordinary" people discover the leader within them and develop that leadership ability to the fullest potential. There cannot be too much leadership or too many leaders in the world, but a lack of great leadership brings noticeable imbalance and misalignment to companies, organizations, educators, ministries, homes, and so much more. Great leadership is essential to a successful team! 

Amy Reason administrates social media marketing and assists with events and program launching.

Chris Reason is the founder of Calibrated Results, LLC. He is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, a professional Leadership Coach and Public Keynote Speaker.